Perspectives in Peru

We have been in Peru for 2 1/2 weeks.  We have had a lot to process as life here is very different from our life in Minnesota.  Our children want to share some of their perspectives with you!

By Isaac Becker
We live in a little pueblo in Peru, about one hour away from the nearest town called Picota, where we go for Mass.  We live about 2 hours away from Tarapoto, which is a city big enough that it actually has mail service and a grocery store.  We are living on the outskirts of the dense Amazon jungle and have come as Catholic Missionaries!  The area out here is very lush and beautiful, but it is also a very poor area.  Most of the houses are made out of mud. There are many new, exotic fruits here that you cannot find in the United States.  We have a large seven bedroom house, though it is very different from the one's back home.  There is no glass or screens in the windows and there is no ceiling.  There is nothing to stop the bugs and bats from flying in and it is always very h…

Estudiando Español

Thanks be to God, we have completed our first week of Spanish school!   We are so grateful for the opportunity to work towards attaining a good foundation of the Spanish language for our life in Peru. We spend our mornings in class and our afternoons studying.  Jason is bombarded with a ton of new vocabulary, and spends many hours on flashcards.  I have the advantage of coming in with some knowledge of Spanish, so I have been recalling and refining what I already once knew.  It has been very helpful for both of us.

I asked the kids to share some of their thoughts on our time in Guatemala and language school.  Isaac and Gemma are really jumping in and are trying hard to learn Spanish.

Gemma said, "I have learned a lot of words, phrases, and rules already.  Now, I need to work hard to memorize them.  I am happy we are going to language school, so that I can talk better to the people in Peru.  Guatemala is helping prepare me for Peru."  Gemma has been making flash cards for h…

Send me Lord! I will follow!

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”  Isaiah 6:8

We are called as missionaries to go where ever the Lord sends us.  We have said, "Yes, we will follow!"  If that means to minister to His people in Malawi, we will go.  If that means to minister to His people in Peru, we will go!

Our mission post has been changed.  Malawi was a new mission post for FMC.  There was currently only one family at that post.  Their family recently went through a traumatic experience, which brought them back home.  Since there will be no one to welcome us, we will no longer be going to Malawi, Africa.  Instead, we will be serving in the jungles of Peru, South America.

At first our hearts were very sad at the loss of our mission to Africa.  We made plans with the other family in Malawi, we researched the country, we felt united as a family to be sent to Africa.  We were ready to go and love the people of Malawi.  Tha…

Ready to find out where we are going?

This is the post you have all been waiting for…where we will reveal our mission post.
But, before we get to that, I would like to give tribute to our 3 weeks in General Cepeda, Mexico.