God is at work in Costa Rica

These past months have not turned out as we had imagined they would.  Many of our visitors were unable to come due to borders closing, mission trips were cancelled, ministries were prohibited to continue.   Even so, God is at work in our lives and the lives of those around us.  We want to share with you a little bit of what these past months have looked like, and introduce you to some of the people we have met.

Obed is a young man with a great smile and a bad reputation.  He has a heart of gold with an addiction that has captured it.  Obed would stop by our house every so often to ask for something to eat, and share his stories.  He would tell us of other people in town who, as he would say, were more in need than he.  Thanks to Obed, we now have relationships with Mercedes and Maria.

Mercedes and her partner fled from Nicaragua 6 months ago looking for a better life.  They now live in a two room shack and are grateful to have their daily food.  Mercedes just gave birth to her second …


We have been so blessed to be surrounded by such lush beauty here in Costa Rica.  I have found a new joy in taking pictures of this beauty around us. We can learn so many lessons from God's creation.  So, we have put into poem some inspiration we have taken away from pondering it. The nature around us fulfills God's plan for it's life and we can apply that to our lives as missionaries. Enjoy!
Missionary inspiration from Costa Rican nature:

I don't live alone, I live in community. Together we come, together we go, living a life of tranquility. I know who I am, I know what I do. It's exactly the life that I was called to. You may say it's fun, you may say it's a bore. I really don't care because I know who it's for. -Inge Becker

As I reflect the sun I grow upwards, reaching towards the source of life and light. But not only up, but out as well, wanting to share this life and beauty that fills me. -Jason Becker

A Toucan need not worry where to get its…

The Risk to Love

The life of a missionary brings the risk of feeling the pain of those you are serving.  The poor, the needy, are no longer those people over there.  They are now personal relationships with names faces, shared experiences, friends.  It is sad when it is that person over there, but when you have been in their house and looked in the eyes of their kids, it becomes part of my life too.

My friend from Peru, Luisdina, has been calling me in desperation telling me that they are completely out of food.  They can't leave their home, her husband has no work, and their four boys are hungry.  My heart hurts for them.

I checked in with my friend, Sarina, to see if she had recovered from her serious diarreah.  She told me through tears, that it has been 15 days, and she is afraid.  There are no doctors around, and they have no money.  I find myself fearing for her life.  Something that could be so simple, turns into something life threatening

Now, here we are in a new mission post, beginning …

Life in Costa Rica

We have been in Costa Rica for two months now, and overdue in sharing about it.  First of all, we are safe, healthy, and grateful for the ways God continues to care for us.  We live in a quiet, peaceful, and beautiful little pueblo called, Coopevaga.  It is a small, rural farming town 50 minutes down a rocky, dirt road.  We are so excited that we have a Catholic chapel here with the Eucharist and normally weekly Masses!  We also have two small grocery stores within walking distance, which is such a treat!  We love having two other missionary families near by.  The Geerling Family lives right across from us, allowing our children play together almost daily.  The Henneman Family lives about a 15 minute walk from us, and we see them multiple times a week.  It has been a huge blessing to have their support as well as regular time to pray together as a community!  We have decided to enroll Augustine, Bridget, and Aviana in school this year.  We are hoping that it will help them learn the …